How To Choose a Dubai Photography Company

With the digital explosion, people can easily buy high-end digital cameras and photo and video equipment and either start their own independent filmmaker career or start a small video or photography business in Dubai. Nowadays, it’s so easy to gather a few friends, go out and shoot some clips or photos, post them on your social media network and then start calling yourself a freelance photographer or videographer and start charging for your services.

wedding-photographer1_0However, just having your own camera and equipment is not going to be enough to produce quality work and actually succeed in this line of business. And if you are the client looking to hire photographers for your party, corporate event, or special gathering, you would want to know who are the posers and who are those who really know what they are doing.

In order get a legitimate Dubai photography company for your photography or videography needs, here are some important points to remember:


Get a company with experience

Since you are looking for photographers for a special event, it would be best to look for companies that already have years of experience in what they do. Though you can get less experienced companies for less price also, you must consider the quality of their work, professionalism, and readiness to handle difficult situations during an event and usually experienced photography companies are the ones who are able to deliver quality work while still being able to keep their act together in difficult shooting scenarios or situations. You wouldn’t want to bet your money on photographers or companies that promise good photos but end up not having enough experience or know-how when dealing with unforeseen situations such as low lighting conditions, technical problems, or even location problems for the shoot.


Get a company that listens to your requirements

A down side of getting experienced photo companies is that sometimes their photographers or staff are already so full of themselves and believe that they are so good that they forget to listen to their client’s needs. Instead of listening to what the customer wants, they tend to push their own ideas and actually put down the ideas of the client either because they are too lazy to listen or they just want to make the shoot easy for their team. In hiring or interviewing your potential Dubai photography company, remember that they should listen to your ideas and not just shut them down just because you are not a professional photographer.


Get a company that has shot your event before

Though getting a company that has experience is ideal, you should also look at what type of experience they have had. The most important thing is to match their experience with the even you are going to shoot to make sure that they already know what they need to do during the actual event date. So if you are planning a wedding, choose a photography company in Dubai that has actually shot several weddings and has the portfolio to show for it.

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Company Formation in UAE: Why Getting Agents Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Business

The United Arab Emirates has been the go-to country for foreign investors looking to bring their business into the Middle East. And this is no surprise because the UAE has made tremendous economic progress with its modern business hubs like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


The laws governing company formation in UAE are also some of the most liberal and financially beneficial to entrepreneurs plus the country also has very developed government services such as efficient transportation, business centers, cultural and educational institutions, and technological facilities, which all contribute to the ease of doing business in the country.

When planning to start your own company in the UAE, it’s important to do your own independent research about the requirements in terms of documents that need to be submitted to the authorities and of course the initial capital needed to establish your business in the region. Aside from spending time gathering this information, you should also look into hiring a reliable UAE company formation consultant that would help and guide you throughout the application process.

Benefits of Hiring Experienced Company Formation Experts in UAE

Moving your company to the UAE has already been made easy because of the efforts of the different local governments of Dubai and Abu Dhabi but you can still make your company incorporation process even more convenient by hiring experienced company formation agents. That’s because with agents, you get someone who knows the rules and requirements for different types of businesses and they always keep themselves updated about changes made for the different applications. You will then be able to know what are the specific documents you need to produce and what are the ones you no longer need based on the nature of your business operations.

Having the expertise of a UAE company formation consultant will also help in lowering down your costs because you will do your application right he first time. This means you save money, time, and effort because you already have someone who knows the process and therefore you can eliminate mistakes, repetition, and guessing whether what you are doing is the right procedure. You can easily overcome hurdles in the application and whenever there might be questions about your application, your consultants or agents can answer immediately on your behalf.

As a new comer in the UAE business scene, it would also be great to have your reliable company formation agent beside you and able to accompany you whenever you need to attend meetings or personal appearances for the entire application process. For example, your agent can be with you when you will open your local bank account in the UAE and help you make sure that you fill in all the required forms to open your company bank account.

These are just some of the benefits you can get if you hire an experienced company formation agent in the United Arab Emirates. Be sure to do a background check on the company you wish to hire and read about their services on their official website before contacting their office.

Starting a New Business in Dubai: What You Need to Know

Why would you want to set up your new business in Dubai? Well, the answer is, why not?!

A Growing and Diversified Economy

Dubai has experienced remarkable economic growth over the past decade thanks to the overall initiative of the emirates’s government to improve its business policies, commercial transparency, and of course infrastructure and facilities. Being one of the seven modern cities in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has attracted a lot of foreign investments because of its optimal tax laws and ease of doing business, but it has also created dynamic business regulations for local small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Moreover, Dubai’s economy has seized being dependent on oil and has become a more diversified market place where trading of goods and services have flourished. The city’s financial sector is also booming and has created a lot of stable careers for its professionals.


Welcoming Foreign Investors

For foreign investors, Dubai also offers many vibrant free zones that follow very liberal laws on business ownership, tax cuts/exemptions, and labor. You can choose to either establish an onshore company or an offshore one depending on your business needs. Unlike the rest of the companies in Dubai, which need to show at least 51% ownership by a UAE national, free zone businesses can enjoy complete foreign ownership. There are also a lot of professional business consultants/agencies that could assist interested foreign investors in the entire incorporation process.


A Modern Melting Pot

Feel right at home when you arrive and start your new business in Dubai. The city’s sprawling malls, skyscrapers, posh restaurants, and bustling tourism all contribute in making new comers settle in quite quickly. There is a modern transportation system composed of reliable trains, buses, and air and sea ports that make everyday life and commerce even more efficient and comfortable.

The multicultural population of Dubai is also an epitome of modern living in a globalized world. Expatriates make up approximately 85% of the city’s population and English is used as the business language of most companies and offices.


Are you Ready to Start Your New Business in Dubai?

So we’ve established that Dubai is indeed an ideal city for anyone who wishes to start and grow their company. However, just like any other project, careful planning and know-how are key factors to consider if you want achieve success.

For starters, it’s important to get oriented and understand Dubai’s laws on incorporating a new business. Even though Dubai can be considered as a tax haven, there are of course fees and other expenses that need to be considered when applying for permits or trade licenses. You can go to authority sites and government agencies such as The Department of Economic Development to find out more about these commerce laws and how it can affect your business.

It’s also helpful to research about requirements when opening a bank account in Dubai and obtaining loans for businesses. There is also the cost for sponsoring your future employees once they arrive in Dubai whether you decide to establish your company within our outside the free zones.


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